When the beloved previous owner of this practice, Jonas R. Gavelis, D.M.D., thought about making plans to retire, he wanted to find someone that was just as good to the patients, if not better, than he was. Dr. Gavelis found that in Dr. Kim. Not only is Dr. Kim very kind, patient, and approachable to the patients as Dr. Gavelis was, but Dr. Gavelis was thrilled to have discovered that Dr. Kim could do not only the same services that Dr. Gavelis provided but also services that Dr. Gavelis previously had to refer out, such as extractions (including wisdom teeth), root canals, and the entire implant process (some doctors need to refer out to get the implant surgically placed before a crown gets put on it, but Dr. Kim can do all of it!) Another unique service that Dr. Kim provides is making a temporary front tooth on the same day that it has to be extracted so that patients can confidently go about their day while waiting for their permanent restoration. Click below to see all of the dental services Dr. Kim can do. Some patients with complex needs will still need to be referred out by Dr. Kim but he will make sure that he has explored all possible options with you before determining if an outside referral is necessary.