Although we take pride in starting our appointments on time and finishing on time and even early oftentimes, we also take pride in being able to schedule our appointments with enough time to allow every patient to tell us what is on their mind. We understand that some patients have more questions and concerns than others regarding their dental needs. Receiving or talking about dental care can create a lot of anxiety for some individuals and trying to get through it doesn’t get any easier if you are in an environment where it appears as if the staff are anxious to get you out the door to move on to the next patient. We want you to leave an appointment feeling more relaxed and assured that we are taking great care of you.

By taking the time to get to know and understand our patient’s needs and preferences we have on numerous occasions planned a future appointment for a little more time than usual if that is what it takes to get our patients to feel more relaxed. What makes Dr. Kim and his staff a great team is that they are all patient and friendly by nature and completely understand those patients that need to take frequent breaks during procedures or need to be explained everything prior to it being done to them or those that need some comedy relief during a procedure. We make time for all of those preferences and any other preferences the patients have because we don’t rush the “getting to know you” process.