Dr. Kim and his staff understand that many people have all kinds of fears and anxieties associated with the dentist. We know that some of these fears include, fear of pain, dislike of hearing the sounds of the dental equipment, fear of being scolded for not coming to the dentist for a while or for not accepting recommended treatment right away, and fear of the anesthesia process. These are just the most common fears/anxieties we have encountered with our patients. There are other unique fears and anxieties that patients over the years have expressed to us as well. Dr. Kim and his staff are very patient and non-judgmental and they want you to be assured that you can let them know of ANY concerns or fears you have before starting treatment. By letting us know, we can help you find the best way to get through your fears and we will schedule your appointment a little longer than usual if we have to if that is what it takes to make sure you get the extra TLC that you need. Not only do we have many approaches that we can use to make your appointments a little easier but we welcome you to inform us of any approaches that you know that have worked for you in the past.